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    The University of Sydney Archives has not been able to determine if there are current copyright conditions or restrictions on this item, and access has been provided for the purposes of personal research and study. This item has been made available in good faith. The copyright status of this item is deemed 'unknown' because the University of Sydney Archives is missing key information essential to making an accurate copyright status determination, or it has not been possible to contact or locate the copyright owner/s. If you wish to use this item for purposes other than personal research and study, please credit the University of Sydney Archives as the source, using the following statement, "Courtesy of the University of Sydney Archives, [Identifier]". Please acknowledge the creator/contributor where applicable. It is your responsibility to obtain copyright permission from any relevant third party(ies). If you are the copyright owner of this item or have any further information about this item, please contact us. If you have cultural or other reservations about this item being made available on this website, please consult our Takedown Notice or contact us.
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    Visit of Crown Prince Hassan, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

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    Visit of Crown Prince Hassan, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
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