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    15th Aug 2023 9:32AMA blast from the past - I was in Med 1 in 1975. I always caught the train to Redfern and then walked over the City Rd bridge - with a whole phalanx of fellow students - to get to my classes in Medicine. One time I had to drive my sister to University because she was somewhat unwell and had exams on. The person at the gate was lovely and allowed me to park on site, near to where my sister had to do her exams.So, why the gate-keepers were definitely eagle-eyed, at least some of them knew when it was appropriate to bend the rules.
    14th Aug 2023 3:50PMThey were ruthless those traffic people. No sticker and you couldn't come in unless you paid. Those traffic boxes used to have a map of the Uni with lights for each building. If there was a fire alarm, the fire brigade truck would pull up, see which building had a red light and then zoom off in the right direction.
    I also remember the concrete bus shelter and telegraph pole plastered with posters for upcoming gigs.
    14th Aug 2023 3:50PMI remember the small traffic attendants building just inside on the driver's side of the road in the late 1990's. They were very strict about who could come on campus (not like today) and wouldn't let my then boyfriend through one morning, who has kindly trying to get me to my new workplace on time - I got out and ran! And was never late for work after that!
    14th Aug 2023 2:13PMBefore that, there was no road entering on the left. That was added to line up Eastern Av with Butlin Av.
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    View From Above Across to the City Road Entrance Gates

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    View From Above Across to the City Road Entrance Gates
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