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    24th Oct 2023 12:27PMIn the Woolley building in the 1990s we had a tea lady, too, but morning and afternoon tea was always held in the Woolley common room. It was a great tradition.
    24th Oct 2023 12:26PMAnd Tea Ladies! We had a wonderful cleaner/ tea lady, Meg, who would make a gigantic pot of tea at 10:30am, pop it on the tea trolley and push out into the corridor. She would then walk through the building calling "tea time". circa 1985
    24th Oct 2023 12:25PMRay, Bernie, Neil, Stephen in the physics tea room. When the morning and afternoon tea room ritual was ‘a thing’ and we had building attendants.
    In our case Bernie and Neil made the tea and staff came to the tea room. Everyone contributed to the cost. Technical staff came at 10 and 3 (from memory), with academic staff at 11 and 4. I'll be generous and say the separation was because of numbers, but it's hard to justify today.
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    Physics Staff Who Won the Lottery

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    Physics Staff Who Won the Lottery
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